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The Detail of Art // Wedding Films by John Mark

John-Mark formerly known as Mark has travelled across Europe and the UK providing Wedding Videos for clients.

Multi Award Winning Wedding Videographer

Mark in the 3 years he has been in the industry has taking huge strides in developing a style that is completely unique and pleasing but respected by industry professionals. Only in November 2018 he won the prestigious award of being the National winner at Welsh National Wedding Awards as “Best Videographer” following on from the previous year awards. In 2019 Mark plans to take strides forward in achieving new records with his industry leading Videography

Best Videographer in Wales - Welsh National Wedding Awards 2018

Best Videographer in South Wales - Welsh National Wedding Awards 2018

Best Videographer in South Wales - Welsh National Wedding Awards 2017

Wedding Videography Training & Education

Mark has written for now a few national publications on how to Video a Wedding. Recently collaborating with Future PLC to write a bookazine on key advice that Wedding Videographers can learn from. The new exciting Wedding Podcast will be launching July 2019 called Explore where Mark discusses his work, thoughts and advice on Wedding Filmmaking. 

Mark on his Wedding Films

Filmmaking for me is being committed to a style and making bold choices. One thing I struggled with in my early stages is being confident to commit to a style of filmmaking. Now more than ever clients buy into the work I produce and also myself as a person. I believe in the simplistic methods of Wedding Filmmaking which in truth can be the hardest to master. My clients are provided a film that is a raw emotional storytelling journey that treasures every moment of a Wedding celebration. Solely based on being creative and challenging myself at every Wedding is what drives me.

Minimum Fuss Equipment

The sooner I stopped worrying about filming everything instead of actually producing an engaging Film the shackles were released to be creative. My Wedding Videos are not based on filming things that don’t warrant it but more of the opinion of creating a Wedding Video that is to be treasured. I don’t work with big shoulder cameras and multiple bags of lenses. Most of the time I wonder around taking in what is going on and my need to film this. With a handheld camera it allows me to be creative and naturally focus in on light.

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