Shannon & Matt, Grittleton House /// & Castle Combe Cotswolds

I remember getting an email about this Wedding. It said ‘Mark we adore your work you need Film our Wedding end of..’ well ok I wasn’t sure firstly how to respond should I send over my price list or just give them a ring? Well I decided to give them a call and talk about the Wedding. I was super excited and couldn’t wait for the date to come around. Ok, granted Grittleton House isn’t bang in the middle of the Cotswolds but it’s close enough and is the essence of elegance and beauty set on the outskirts of the amazing Castle Combe village which we took a visit too on the day. I travel across the UK with Weddings but I just love coming back to the Cotswolds. New venues also excite me as it keeps you creative as a filmmaker and that is pretty cool. When I drove into Grittleton House the long drive way in hugged  by tree lines gives you the sense your in somewhere special. The day started with drizzle but the sun dipped through the clouds creating a wonderful back drop.

Most Weddings I go to now I get a sense of the atmosphere straightaway, what type of day it’s going to be etc.. I got nothing but wonderful feeling about Shannon & Matts. Matt was the example of calmness all day long taking everything in his stride super relaxed and just great to be around. Shannon had some brilliant bridesmaids with her who lit up the room and I loved being with them in the morning. That walk down the staircase around the corner into the great room at Grittleton House is special and I felt that when Shannon made her entrance it was amazing!

The atmosphere was awesome and it only got a bit more lively when we had the introduction just before the speeches of some singing friends who really spiced up the energy levels! I just loved this and documenting things like this are really cool to add to the story plots. 

I loved working with Nataly on this Wedding! a fab photographer who was super easy and relaxed to work with. The band have to get a mention as I thought while the party got started they seamlessly matched the entire vibe and provided great sound the shadow monkeys (cool name too).