West Wales Wedding Videographer

Bethan | Gareth

Meet the Couple:

Bethan & Gareth live in Carmarthen, South Wales. When I met these two what struck me was their amazing personalities and the people they are. For me putting a Wedding film together this mix always helps and adds a connection between me and the couple. They come from a very much welsh speaking background with their first language being that of Welsh. I think it's important to convey this and for them to talk in their first language about each other created a personal touch. They met by chance and it's these chance encounters which can create our journeys in life together. Both have great careers and are comfortable with each others lifestyles. 

The Pre Shoot:

They wanted to go to a location they know well and which is a connection for both of them. We tried ti tie it in with a beautiful sunny evening and changed the date a few times to accomodate this. Llansteffan Castle stands on a headland overlooking the sand-flats of the mouth of the river Tywi.

The natural strength and strategic importance of this stunning location was recognised by the Norman invaders of Wales who established an earth-and-timber enclosure, or 'ringwork', within the ancient defences of an Iron Age fort.

The castle controlled an important river crossing and it changed hands several times during fierce fighting between the Normans and the Welsh. The transformation of the early earth-and-timber stronghold into the powerful masonry castle visible today was the work of the Camville family who held the castle from the late twelfth to the early fourteenth century.

Bethan & Gareth met me at a parking location at the foot of a steep climb to the castle. During this time we chatted and connected about the Wedding and laughed about them being in front of camera which anyone on a day to day basis would be un familiar with. I hope I made them relaxed as some of the shots and fun we had I am sure conveyed this. I sat both of them down and wanted to get their thoughts on each other and about the Wedding ahead to add depth and context to the Film. In the native Welsh language they said some lovely words which sometimes doesn't get said as a couple. I felt like these moments you can also get out of people how they really do feel about each other.

The Wedding

Wedding day was such a pleasure. I started at bridal preparations with Bethan and her bridal party, straight away I just felt so relaxed with everyone and that allows me to shoot freely. I think the pre shoot helps with this and what everyones expectations are. My second shooter was over at the Corran Resort and Spa with the groom Gareth. It's always great to get that different dimension for the Film. Gareth and the guys were very relaxed and we got some great setup shots of him getting ready in the morning for the big day ahead. 

The Church service was a very welsh occasion. Within the grounds of the University of Wales Carmarthen Campus stands the Holy Trinity Church. An iconic building which mixes the old with the new. The campus was formed in 1848 so the Church has stood before then so it mixes beautifully and has become a landmark site. Inside, the service was a beautiful occasion with all the guests packing in. They also again had the personal touch with the family choir performing half way through and creating a real buzz. They also had two readings one of which was from Gareth's sister who said some very warm words. 

Once we had finished we made our way back down to Llan to the Corran Resort & Spa stopping first at the beach which is situated about 5 minutes away. To access this beach is an interesting story. First you have to gain clearance from the military which have a base nearby where they conduct testing. You drive through the barriers and along a narrow road all the way along the base to the far ahead. You then park and take a 3 minute stroll and it's worth it as you come out on a long winding beach with beautiful cliff top backdrops. 

Corran Resort & Spa is hidden in the marshlands of the Carmarthenshire countryside. Surrounded by sea, the Towy estuary and acres of marshland, the Corran Resort & Spa is steeped in history with the original 16th century building at the heart of this expertly restored luxury hotel.

The staff there lead by Sammy were superb and made the guests and myself feel very comfortable. The wedding breakfast which was decked out in floral arrangements could fit the guests comfortably and the decking outside provided a welcome escape for everyone to get some fresh air. 

The speeches uniquely didn't involve Gareth the groom he just sat back laughing the whole time and one of best men even made me laugh, once finishing his speech and heading straight to the bar to cool down!. Bethan's bridesmaids were such good fun, two of the girls also did an off the cuff speech and made some funny remarks on their mics to me as well which I found hilarious. There was such a great atmosphere around, everyone in such good spirits and that followed into the night where the party really got started and we got some great shots of documenting what was a beautifully fun Wedding day. 

Enjoy reliving or looking at their beautiful Wedding Story.