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Destination Weddings Italy

Why would you choose Italy to have a Destination Wedding?

I have been lucky enough to travel and document some incredible experiences in Italy. From the rolling Tuscan hills to the coastal locations along the Amalfi Coast. Italy explodes with love, passion and authentic experiences. Sorrento is a well-known locations along the Amalfi coast for Weddings with venues such as Villa Antiche Mura, the Foreigners Club providing backdrops to match any across Europe. The authentic nature of all this is why many choose the Amalfi Coast, but this can also be reflected in the rolling hills of Tuscany and some incredible villages dotting along the region. Cortona is well known location but there are so many other options like Siena. Obviously, everyone has heard of Lake Como and I will be travelling here next year to document two incredible Weddings. If you want dramatic backdrops with a pure luxury environment but with the heart of Italy bursting through Lake Como ticks all those boxes.

Destination Wedding Videographer Italy

I am lucky to be very familiar with Italy as a Destination to frequent. My knowledge of working as Wedding Videographer in Italy and with wonderful Wedding Planners makes any decisions you make simplified. Its all about the experience and being natural & authentic when you are in these incredible destinations.

Choose your suppliers wisely?

It is so true that I hear this on a regular occasion from my clients. The investment of a Wedding Videographer to document your celebrations is a lifetime investment that will be felt through your family generations to come. Clients repeatedly tell me that they are so appreciative that they took their time and considered carefully this decision.

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