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9 years and counting. I might be getting a little older but my Wedding industry knowledge and experience I guess counts for a lot. Weddings have given me a life that I am so grateful for. I have filmed across the UK and Europe and the beautiful moments big or small still stay with me. I film for all types of clients from various backgrounds. I have filmed celebrity weddings/high profile clients all the way through to private small intimate occasions & elopements. Each Wedding is unique and your personal approach always inspires me. 

I would say I am a Wedding Creative with the ability to hybrid between detailed Photography and Filmmaking. I always say its in the detail. I prefer a natural approach to storytelling obviously using natural light on occasions but most of a Wedding day it’s about the documentary approach. Real people, Real moments not faked or unnatural.

Sure if you want photos together, groups etc of course but let’s not just be caught up in this. I have worked with many many photographers all with variations in style and approach. Structured Weddings where a wedding is micro managed feels staged and unnatural. Let’s not do this, let’s yes make things beautiful but in a natural effortless way.

My lifestyle at home is full of simple pleasures. My beautiful family and simple walks on the beach is a far cry from some of the incredible experiences I have with my job but I love the contrast. 

Winning awards when starting out and throughout my career has been wonderful but it really doesn’t define what I do. My most important praise comes from my clients who respect what I do and appreciate the time for storytelling and the detail in my portfolio. 

Life is one beautiful adventure full of experiences and the ones I capture through my camera lens are felt with all my clients and treasured for years to come.