Multi Award Winning Wedding Filmmaking
Industry recognised throughout the UK.



Hello! my name is Mark but by birth its John-Mark. Its complicated...

I have been a Wedding Filmmaker for 7 years and counting. My Wedding clients come from all walks of life, I have filmed Weddings for career entrepreneurs, tv producers, directors, celebrities, sports men & women to name a few.

My discerning clients understand and are drawn to myself for an emotive and storytelling approach (not a traditional Wedding Video).

For me every Frame matters, I use methods and a creative approach throughout my work. I want viewers to get drawn into the Film whether that be filling the frame or bringing the sense of emotion and celebrations to the forefront.

My brand is industry recognised with Wedding Planners and Wedding enquiries coming from throughout the UK and London specifically. I have shot Weddings throughout Europe including Italy, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus and France. It was in Italy in a town called Siena where I fell in love with the name and now have a beautiful 4 year old girl with the namesake.

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Warmest of wishes,
Mark x

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