Caroline & Matt had the Wedding of their dreams in the Gothic splendour of Cardiff Castle in this . As a Cardiff Wedding Videographer I get to go to some incredible Weddings across the UK and this was such a joy to Film. Caroline got in touch with myself only about 6 months before the Wedding and was desperate to know if I was available I am so glad she did. Cardiff Castle is situated amongst the bustling city centre. Cardiff Castle is one of Wales’ leading heritage attractions and a site of international significance. Located within beautiful parklands at the heart of the capital, Cardiff Castle’s walls and fairytale towers conceal 2,000 years of history including an iconic Roman Fort. There is something magical about winter weddings maybe it is my love for the colours you can generate and the look/feel but this suited Caroline & Matt so much. Caroline wanted the edge of a gothic feel which included the ceremony in an old dungeon underneath the Castle grounds. This was extended to the centre piece and skull heads. Preparations were low key and very relaxed at the family home with dad providing a musical history lesson for myself with the walls draped in a who’s who of meets and signed memorabilia. At the same time the guys led by the travelling groom Matt were arriving at the Castle. Matt travels across the world with his job but today travelling to the venue was maybe his most important trip. As usual I arrived ahead of the bridal party and was met by the grinning Matt and the wedding party who were all dressed to impress in black tie for the occasion. The scene was set for Carolines arrival. The iconic gates at Cardiff Castle opened and slowely turning in was Carolines bridal car. The old cobble street within the Castle grounds which has seen much history over its 2000 years was witnessing a bit more today.

As I mentioned the ceremony was conducted under the Castle grounds in the renovated dungeon, you have to go down a varied amount of steps and through a masse walk way to get to the entrance door. I think the shot of Caroline entering the room was a very touching moment it was if the stage was set for this entrance. Caroline wearing her designer gown and flowers from Jan Lima Flowers made her elegant strides down the aisle. The ceremony was conducted brilliantly with a reading and the legal proceedings done by Cardiff Registrars. After the ceremony there was a congregation outside where guests gathered and plenty of confetti was thrown. These moments are what I love where you can film people without them knowing. Bringing a minimal fuss approach is what I love to do. The day unfolding with a trip to the roman fort with Caroline & Matt and we strolled the grounds taking in the splendour of the history. Cardiff Wedding Videography has never been so much fun as documenting a day to remember. The speeches were great fun and a few secrets were provided to the 110 strong crowd. Laughs were had and a beautiful meal was served. The banqueting hall has hosting guests like President Obama, Kings & Queens and heads of states but today it was Caroline & matts turn. The interior designed by William Burges is truly beautiful, stories of art scripted across every part of this iconic Castle. As a South Wales Wedding Videographer I suppose the Wedding was local for myself and I am glad it was as I was asked to stay on and capture the Cardiff City Centre Fireworks display which ironically was set directly above the Castle. Within the huge grounds and tall walls however it felt like these fireworks were just for Caroline & Matt the distant screams from the city centre also did too. What a way to finish a wonderful Cardiff Wedding full of emotion and pure Love. On a small side note to finish. A big congratulations to the happy couple who are now also expecting a little baby, I guess one day you have this Film to show to the future generations in your wonderful family. Thank you