CERYS & SIMON // FAIRYHILL WEDDING VENUE Videography & Photography

It started in Birmingham where they studied Law together it was a slow burner to get to this point but Cerys & Simon ended up at the beautifully situated Fairyhill Wedding Venue 

The sun drenched back drop of the K room at Fairyhill was the location for the ceremony in the newly designed Walled Garden surrounded by ancient walls which are steeped in history and remain untouched to this day. The walk which Cerys takes down the aisle is simply beautiful! everyone with a perfect view of the proceedings even though a little warm. Cerys & Simon as we mentioned met in Law School and since then have had a wonderful journey to this point. Travelling the world together, setting up home in London and developing their careers together. A few house moves have not stopped them in the planning process for the big day. A small pandemic which we don’t talk too much about delayed proceeding but my goodness was the wait worth it. 

Yes granted I have filmed on the Gower for many years but every time I am back at Fairyhill Wedding Venue it is hard not to be appreciative of my job but also blown away by the beauty of this place in the heart of the Gower. I am a Wedding Videographer & Photographer from Swansea but now more than ever I travel across the UK for my clients however I just love still coming home like anyone and Fairyhill is that place. 

Cerys I suppose is on the same wave length. With family in Wales and growing up in Wales Cerys brought friends and of course Simon to the Gower to marry. Below you will see a selection of Wedding Photography from the day and the Wedding Video on the play button. 

If you are missing the summer & the sun well this will help in transporting you back.

Mark x

John Mark Studios