Heather & Ollie // Hedsor House Buckinghamshire

A Scottish girl and a London boy meet in University spend 13 years together, create amazing memories along the way with wonderful careers and family alike. Heather & Ollie what can I say about this beautiful pair, what a wonderful day they had together at the renowned Hedsor House. This venue has been the set of some incredible Films and as a filmmaker it is just a pleasure to Film. This was my second time at the venue and when you first walk in it really is a shell to a certain degree. The idea is for you to put your spin and your Wedding on the venue! This allows complete ownership and being truthful makes things a lot more straightforward when you have control of the day. Heather and her sisters with mum got ready upstairs and in the adjacent rooms Ollie and his brother relaxed with a little whiskey. 

Onsite in the grounds of Hedsor you have a beautiful little parish church, it really is as cute as it looks. A short walk in the grounds for guests and actually a lovely drive for the bride from the house itself through the grounds. The reception if your blessed with the weather like Heather & Ollie has a lovely courtyard at the side of the house looking over the rolling hills. 

It was amazing to be back at Hedsor but also to Film the incredible day for Heather & Ollie.

Film by John Mark Films

Photography Barker Evans