When I first discussed the Wedding with Jody & Daniel it was prior to what was to come. Let’s not beat around the bush but we had a pandemic… it threw everything up in there for these two. Jody’s family flying in from abroad unable to attend and so many question marks about what shall we do. Well love always wins and that was their priority, get married. I am so glad they did on the Gower peninsula. We wanted to create a story that encompassed the emotion and all those feelings. No need for a warming sunset on the worms head cliff tops how about some gale force winds. Well, I am so glad they were up for doing it. Fairyhill is a beautiful backdrop set in heart of the Welsh countryside. To get to Fairyhill you have to follow some smaller narrow lanes through the Gower peninsula. It springs upon you like a thing of opulent beauty. The venue was a very popular boutique hotel but now plays witness to some of the most spectacular Weddings for clients from across the UK. What is so wonderful is the location. Why wouldn’t you want to bring the Gower into any Wedding Film to tell the story of where you are and even pop down to one of the beauty spots. As a Wedding Videographer In Swansea, I travel across the UK but is wonderful to call Gower home and when I have Weddings to Film on my doorstep like this it does make you feel incredibly privileged.

We started the journey with Jody and Daniel by visiting the Waterfalls for their pre-wedding shoot which you can view below.  What struck me about these two is that they had such love for each other and were innocently content with the prospect of their future. The warmth in the knowledge of spending it together forever is really what any couple strives for. They were up for anything and they did get a little wet but it was worth it. When I do shoots like this it gives me so much more content and depth to play within the edit afterwards to bring that story bubbling to the surface. The Wedding day itself as mentioned was during the height really of the pandemic but fell during a brief window where weddings were allowed but restrictions were in place to an extent. You sometimes get feelings of what the edit may look like afterwards and a definitely for this as soon as I started filming. The light was beautiful on the cloudy day the atmosphere was just super relaxed but there was an atmosphere of excitement. Both Jody & Daniel were located at Fairyhill in the morning and I switched between rooms just picking out those little documentary moments. The ceremony was in the iconic K room at Fairyhill dressed by the wonderful Eve Francesca Designs. There was the odd tear but laughter came to the forefront and it was just beautiful to see this two get married. We headed out on the Gower later in the day to visit Worms Head one of the most iconic beauty spots on the Gower. Gail force winds could not stop us and we got some beautiful content of these two embracing and having a wonderful time doing so.