Amongst the Herefordshire countryside sits Eastnor Castle a tranquil setting which was interrupted by the party atmosphere of Kimberley & Matthews Wedding celebration. Kimberley a professional photographer got in touch with myself to discuss the details of the Wedding and I was excited straight away. Kimberley said things like ‘all our friends & family from Birmingham are descending on Eastnor Castle for a party do you fancy coming along? How could I say no. The rain didn’t stay away but somehow blended perfectly into the Wedding itself. The church local to Eastnor Castle provided the backdrop for this wonderful couple to say their vows.

So you have a castle in Herefordshire, a jaguar and a military style guard of honour? Ok I am in. That was my message to Kimberley & Matthew on the response to their enquiry. The day was just wonderful super relaxed and a couple who were just so happy to get married. The day began with preparations at Eastnor Castle with both Kimberley & Matthew at each end of the Castle. We had such a laugh with jokes and welsh/english banter flying around. The interior of Eastnor Castle is one of decadence. Surrounded by a beautiful deer park, arboretum, and lake, Eastnor Castle is the home of the Hervey-Bathurst family who I was lucky enough to meet on entry. Eastnor Castle is a warm and inviting setting for the most magical day of your life. The country parkland estate is an area of outstanding natural beauty, situated in 5,000 acres of rolling, wooded Herefordshire countryside. True to his word Matthew left the castle for the church and was followed in the Jaguar by the bride Kimberley to the church. Rain couldn’t stop this day it just blended into it like it was meant to be there as some sort of backdrop. The church service in the local parish was beautiful with their beloved dog paying a visit to watch the final parts. After the service and surrounded by excitable brummies we headed back to the Castle. I think from this point it was all-out party time. We did fit in some speeches and food in the splendid banqueting suite but besides this, it was just full out laughter. Styles make Weddings and Kimberley knew from the start the vibe, style and decor they wanted to bring into the Wedding celebrations. Whilst the party was continuing night fell and I lost track of time. Leaving the Wedding I was just smiling all the way back on the journey. What a pleasure, what memories.