Sophie & Liam, Sant Ffraed House Abergavenny

Is it a funny story I met Sophie firstly at the venue Sant Ffraed House? Well this was the case as I was there for a launch night having a glass of bubbly. I then received a message a few days later and all the chat started from there. Here we are 12 weeks after the Wedding and we have one amazing Wedding Film. I have been fortunate to Film & Photograph at the newly refurbished Sant Ffraed House a few times since opening. What a beautiful setting it is amongst the rolling hills of monmouthshire and just perfectly sat outside the tranquil town of Abergavenny. Sophie and Liam love the location and hence the reason for the ceremony in the town centre church (St Marys). 

The drive into the venue for the reception Sant Ffraed House alone is a journey through the countryside and on passing the lake and onsite church you are met by the brand new glass building K room. Take your eyes to the left and the house itself comes into focus. Sophie and Liam did arrive in style with the Aston Martin playing a central figure. Liam is rugby player as you may know and Sophie spent many years in London as a Model this is actually where they had their first dates and Sophies dad explained this in the most hilarious way. 

The K room was a buzz in the night lit up across the lake it is a beautiful site. Weddings come in all shapes and sizes but I liked the fit of this one. 

Mark x

Film by John Mark Films

Venue Sant Ffraed House

Flowers Janlima Flowers