Hannah & Sam, Wonwood Barton /// Tavistock Devon you get an email from a couple in London asking can you Film their Wedding! You soon also realise that the groom is a filmmaker himself and the bride is tv film producer! Daunting… maybe but I think more importantly its a sign that your Films are hitting the sweet spot! Hannah & Sam got married in the Devon countryside at a wonderful Barn Wedding Venue, Wonwood Barton. Super relaxed space which gives the clients the opportunity to create their Wedding and shape it how they wish. Complete freedom. 

The Wedding shaped up with Hannah at Wonwood for preparations and Sam down in Tavistock with some Irish Whiskey. The ceremony was in a very small village on the outskirts of the vast dartmoor countryside. What an incredible landscape with dramatic hills and lakes stretching for miles. After the Ceremony we were so fortunate to go to the hillsides and in all fairness to Hannah & Sam they picked out the location on a pre wedding doggy walk. 

Hannah & Sam could not have been any more accommodating on the day I was met with smiles, hugs and even a filtered coffee. (ok last bit completely irrelevant). If you watch the Film you have to watch until the end as the party was pretty insane! I always love these moments a sense of freedom just explodes in the room and this is when everyone loves and loves to be loved. 

Enjoy watching this incredible Barn Wedding Venue back from the vast and beautiful Devon countryside.

Film by John Mark Films