Aoife & George, Ireland (County Cavan)

It started with a little message on email and that set the ball rolling for a wonderful weekend of celebrations in Ireland. If you drive from Dublin north west you eventually come to the unique destination of County Cavan. County Cavan is the province of Ulster and sits within the border region. Cavan is known as the ‘Lakeland County’. Aoife who now resides in London with husband George was from the region and even though travelling significantly when young she was brought up with family in this beautiful part of Ireland.

The day prior was welcome drinks and dinner followed by a lovely speech by Aoife to welcome guest who came from far and wide. The venue playing host for the weekend was Virginia Park Lodge a wonderfully situated location on the lakeside with panoramic views. World famous chef Richard Corrigan bought the venue in 2014 and transformed it to how it is now with history blended into a modern sophisticated venue.

At the core of this Wedding was emotion, atmosphere and a sense of immersion. The day unfolded with preparations at Virginia followed by a short drive to a beautiful church service. It was a joy and a pleasure to Film the Wedding, the day naturally unfolded and from a filmmakers view point it is real inspiration when things are as natural as possible. 

Film by – John Mark Films

Photo – Emily Rose

Dress Designer – Caroline Castigliano

Veil – Monvieve

Makeup – Nasgmakeup

Hair – Aidandarcyhair

Friday dress designer – Emiliawickstead